Venus Series | VENUS TWO STARS Unlock Your Potential with the Best TT Racket: Explore Recommended Table Tennis Bats and Pro Ping Pong Paddles

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Unlock your full potential with 729, available at NWT! Explore the Best TT Racket, Racquet Table Tennis, and Recommended Table Tennis Bats for unparalleled precision. Choose from our selection of Best Rated Ping Pong Paddles, including the Professional Table Tennis Paddle and Pro Ping Pong Paddle. Elevate your game with the perfect blend of innovation and quality from 729, now offered by NWT—your trusted seller in the world of table tennis.


Series Venus Series
Handle Type CS FL
Forehand 729
Backhand 729
Bottom Board 5 PLY

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1. Premium Materials:
Crafted from premium high-polymer materials, our racket ensures top-tier quality and durability.

2. Innovative Design:
The five-layer solid wood base sets our product apart, providing a perfect blend of power, speed, and enduring tackiness.

3.Top-Rated Performance:
Embrace the excellence of the best TT racket, highly regarded in the racquet table tennis community.

4. Exceptional Control:
Our recommended table tennis bats, including the best-rated ping pong paddles, guarantee powerful impact and swift speed, ensuring optimal control during play.

5. Professional-grade Features:
The professional table tennis paddle and pro ping pong paddle from NWT, featuring enduring tackiness, a comfortable grip, strong bottom force, and impressive elasticity, redefine the standards of play, delivering a professional-grade experience for table tennis enthusiasts. Elevate your game with the winning combination of NWT and 729.


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Unleash your potential with the NWT 729 Pro Ping Pong Paddle – the epitome of excellence in table tennis. Crafted from premium materials, this best TT racket features a five-layer solid wood base for swift speed and powerful impact. It's a racquet table tennis enthusiasts recommend for its outstanding performance. Elevate your game with the recommended table tennis bats, best-rated ping pong paddles, and the professional table tennis paddle – all embodying the winning combination of NWT and 729 innovation. Dominate the table with precision and style!

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