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Tianjin NWT Sports Co., Ltd.

A one-stop service company supplying all kinds of sporting goods. Starting from 2004, we have been focusing on the manufacturing, upgrading and R&D for the super quality of sports surface materials. With years of experiences and explorations in this field, we are the leading company supplying complete sports ground materials and equipment from our full range of products. You are assured to have from us the most optimized programme planning and multi choices for your projects, no matter it is a basketball court, tracking or soccer filed. Working with us, you will have our systematic technical  services for the relative design, installation and maintenance, which will make your project constructions more convenient and professional.

You could get from us the prefabricated rubber surfaces, PVC flooring, Suspended flooring, various kinds of balls and table tennis balls with necessary equipment. We concentrate to provide the supper and comprehensive service work in order to help you to build a standard, safe and professional sports project. We can provide you with the best solution according to your actual needs and budget for your projects, no matter they are built for school, community, enterprise or government department. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a more perfect sports ground for everyone to enjoy their healthy and happy sports.


Our Team

We are a company that provides solutions for all sports facilities, originating from a professional rubber sports surface manufacturer. Our CEO has been engaged in this line for more than 30 years and is also the president of the Tianjin Sports Industries Association. There are elites from all over the country in our marketing department, and experienced workers in our production department. Our installation team has a good public praise also for their excellent work. We enjoy a good reputation in the market for our providing high-quality services for the sports industry and constructions.


About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of sports flooring, equipment and facilities, offering a full range of services from site design and material supply to on-site installation, so that you won't have to worry for your purchasing the wrong products, having poor installation, and finding improper suppliers.

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You me him, acheive our dream.

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We have a good reputation in the industry.

Reason 2

We can meet your customized demands for sports facilities in many aspects.

Reason 3

10 years quality guarantee, over 20 years of brand history, multiple large machines and production lines, numerous famous partners, and over 200 employees.