1. Basketball Court - Prefabricated Rubber Track
In March 2023, our company donated a basketball court to Tianjin People's Stadium. From material production to detailed design to construction line drawing, all are completed by our company.


2. Basketball Court - Suspended
In 2023, our company will build a new school outdoor sports field of 5,000 square meters to improve the guarantee of school sports facilities and promote the comprehensive development of students' physical and mental health. It brings new colors and vitality to the campus, and brings you a professional, comfortable and safe sports experience.


3. Track and Field Runway - Prefabricated
The Xi'an Sports Training Center Project (Silk Road International Sports Culture Exchange Training Base) is a key sports culture project in Shaanxi Province, and it is a sports training center with "the highest level of facilities" and "the most complete supporting functions" in Northwest China. After the completion of this project, it will not only undertake the task of training and competition, but also be the base of Silk Road international sports and cultural exchange training. The project covers an area of 329 acres, with a total construction area of about 200,100 square meters. With the overall design idea of "intensive and efficient, focusing on physical fitness, integration of sports and education, and openness", it can carry out more than 20 major trainings and can At the same time, it can accommodate more than 2,000 athletes and more than 400 managers and coaches to train, work and live. It can meet the indoor and outdoor training and competition requirements of track and field, diving, swimming, basketball, shooting, football and other sports. The project is planned to be completed by the end of the year and fully put into use in 2023.