Product Display of Prefabricated Rubber Track Sports Field

Revolutionize your sports field with Novotrack's Prefabricated Rubber Track – the epitome of performance and style!

Lychee Rubber Tennis Court Flooring

Elevate your tennis game with Lychee Rubber Tennis Court Flooring – where style meets superior performance!

Red Corn Grain Patterned Professional Rubber Track

Unveiling Novotrack's Red Corn Grain Patterned Professional Rubber Track – Precision and Performance Redefined!














Fuqing Stadium Running Track Renovation Project

Fuqing Stadium elevates athleticism with NOVOTRACK's NTTR-13 Prefabricated Rubber Track. Engineered for peak performance, safety, and swift installation during renovations, it ensures durability and uniformity. The seamless design minimizes injury risks with excellent shock absorption. Crafted from top-notch materials, the track withstands rigorous usage and diverse weather, promising longevity and cost-effectiveness. Fuqing Stadium, now equipped with NOVOTRACK's innovation, stands as a premier sports venue, redefining standards in infrastructure and offering athletes an unparalleled experience.

Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium is Equipped with Prefabricated Rubber Running Track

Experience the excellence of Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, now upgraded with NOVOTRACK's cutting-edge prefabricated rubber running track. NOVOTRACK's precision ensures timely completion, securing the success of the 15th Gansu Provincial Games. Crafted with meticulous detail, the track surpasses international standards with its seamless design and advanced materials, guaranteeing optimal performance, durability, and athlete safety. With NOVOTRACK's backing, Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center stands as an innovative venue, ready to host world-class athletic events.

Changchun Sports Center

Changchun Sports Center shines with the cutting-edge NTTR-13 by NOVOTRACK, ensuring top-tier performance and safety on its athletics track. Experience excellence at every stride.

The Zhuque Stadium for 14th National Games

Discover NOVOTRACK's excellence at Zhuque Stadium, Shaanxi Province – chosen for the 14th National Games. Witness the installation project in 2020 in this video.

Rizhao Kuishan Stadium

Unveil peak performance at Rizhao Kuishan Stadium, Shandong, China. Equipped with NOVOTRACK's rubber running track, it sets the stage for athletic excellence.

Jogging Track



HeDong Sports Park

Explore the versatility of NOVOTRACK at HeDong Sports Park! Our NTTR jogging track, popular for sports parks, features a 13mm thickness, ensuring athlete-friendly materials and making your park more multi-functional. Watch the seamless installation process and elevate your park experience!


Da Alkali Factory Primary School

Experience the upgrade at Da Alkali Factory Primary School! With a new 13mm thickness tartan track, students now have an excellent training ground. Watch the transformation unfold!

Tartan Rubber Running Track for Tianhecheng Experimental Middle School

Witness the transformation at Tianhecheng Experimental Middle School! Our stunning Tartan rubber running track, completed from Aug.22-Sep.28, is set to welcome students. Now, they have an excellent space for exercise. Novotrack running track ensures improved performance and knee protection.


Heisha Gym in Tianjin China


Introducing Novotrack's NTTR-L synthetic rubber gym flooring—two layers, one solution. The top layer boasts wear resistance, while the bottom layer excels in shock absorption. Vulcanized for seamless integration, it's the ultimate gym floor for durability and performance!


Novotrack Gym Floor Installation

Discover Novotrack Gym Floor – NTTR-L, the premium rubber sports floor for gyms. Learn the easy installation process. For inquiries about our gym flooring and installation, contact us without hesitation. Elevate your gym experience!

How to install the prefabricated rubber running track?

Witness the installation excellence of NOVOTRACK-NTTR at Hedong Stadium, Tianjin. Our two-layer vulcanized system ensures top-notch running tracks. Learn the process of prefabricated rubber surface installation with our professional team!