Bloom Series 2020 | Unveiling the Power: Bloom Series 2020 Ping Pong Paddles or Table Tennis Paddles

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Unlock the thrill of table tennis with our premium Table Tennis Paddle designed to elevate your indoor and outdoor gaming experiences. Crafted for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this paddle ensures unparalleled performance and enjoyment.


Series Bloom Series
Product Name Bloom 2020
Handle Type CS FL
Forehand Bloom Control
Backhand 729
Bottom Board 7 PLY
Description Forehand upgraded to Bloom Control, control type sleeve. Suitable for control players.

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1. Professional-grade Rubber Surface: Equipped with a high-quality rubber surface, providing exceptional rebound and spin capabilities. This enables players to execute a variety of techniques, including spins, pushes, and loops with ease.
2. Lightweight Design: Typically designed to be lightweight, allowing players to maneuver swiftly and respond quickly to fast-paced shots and intricate techniques. Enhances overall control and responsiveness.
3. Sturdy Plywood Construction: Constructed with robust and durable plywood, ensuring stability in the racket face and providing ample rebound for players to effectively counter opponents' attacks.
4. Regulation-sized Racket Face: Adheres to international standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), ensuring compliance for official competitions.
5. Ergonomic Grip Design: Features an ergonomically designed handle, offering a comfortable grip that allows players to hold the racket for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.
6. Interchangeable Rubber Sheets: Some table tennis paddles offer interchangeable rubber sheets, allowing players to customize their equipment based on their playing style and preferences. This flexibility caters to individual needs and playing preferences.


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Racket type: Straight/horizontal
Handle type: CS/FL
Bottom type: 7 layers
Front glove glue: High quality reverse glue
Anti-glove glue: High-quality anti-glue
Product configuration: 1 finished shot, 1 half shot set
Suitable style of play: All-round


Durable table tennis ball
Table tennis 2020-3


Introducing our Forehand Bloom Control Edition table tennis paddle, a game-changer for players who prioritize control. Equipped with exclusive Bloom Control technology on the forehand side, this paddle offers unparalleled control for precise ball placement and strategic defensive play. The specialized control-type sleeve ensures a comfortable grip, facilitating precise maneuvering and optimal control during intense rallies. Tailored for control players, this paddle is perfect for those who value accuracy and finesse over sheer power. Elevate your table tennis experience with the Forehand Bloom Control Edition – where precision meets performance, empowering you to dominate the table with confidence.

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