Venus Series | VENUS ONE STAR High-Polymer Power, Speed, Precision

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Experience the pinnacle of athleticism in motion with our Ping Pong Racket. Crafted from premium high-polymer materials and a five-layered wooden base, it delivers potent impact, incredible speed, and enduring tackiness. Enjoy a responsive feel, strong bottom force, and expansive elasticity. Elevate your game with our Ping Pong Paddle Sets, backed by expertise in our Pingpong Buying Guides. Unleash your potential with a Table Tennis Bat that embodies precision and power, defining the essence of our Table Tennis Paddle collection.


Series Venus Series
Handle Type CS FL
Forehand 729
Backhand 729
Bottom Board 7 PLY

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1.Affordable Price and High Cost-Performance Ratio:
Our table tennis paddle offers excellent value, combining affordability with exceptional performance.

2.Premium High-Polymer Materials:
Crafted from top-notch high-polymer materials, our paddle ensures durability and quality, enhancing your overall playing experience.

3.Five-Layer Solid Wood Base:
The five-layer construction of the solid wood base provides a perfect balance of strength and flexibility, contributing to powerful shots and precise control.

4.Potent Striking Power and Swift Speed:
Designed for fierce gameplay, our paddle delivers strong striking power and remarkable speed, giving you the competitive edge on the table.

5.Moderate and Enduring Tackiness with Excellent Feel:
Experience a perfect blend of moderate and enduring tackiness, providing consistent spin and control. The paddle's design ensures a comfortable grip, ample bottom force, and impressive elasticity for an overall superior feel during play.


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Experience Athletics In Motion with our exceptional Ping Pong Racket - a dynamic Ping Pong Bat and Table Tennis Bat. Explore our Ping Pong Paddle Sets and Table Tennis Paddle Sets, guided by Pingpong Buying Guides. Crafted with premium high-polymer materials and a five-layer solid wood base, our paddles boast potent striking power, swift speed, and enduring tackiness. Enjoy a comfortable grip, strong bottom force, and impressive elasticity in every Table Tennis Paddle, defining excellence in play.

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