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Drawing Design

400M Requirement:


Foundation Processing

Asphalt foundation requirements



Drainage facilities

Drainage facilities2
Drainage facilities

Embedded parts installation:

Basic Surface Requirements asphalt:
1. Use water-based base materials to seal the base surface and seal it gaps in asphalt concrete.
2. Carry out a watering test to find out the depressions.
3. Use water-based base materials to fill up the low depressions, and use longer than the product.
A straight bar with a water width of 2m should be scraped repeatedly without any lumps. undulating waves.
4. Try to make up the slope according to the drainage direction.
5. Use a stone grinder to grind the high convexity.
6. The whole machine is polished to form a smooth, neat and rough surface,easy to bond the base surface firmly.



1. Check the flatness of the foundation,
2. Use a stone grinder to grind the high convexity,
3. Fill up the low recesses with water-based base material,
4. Clean up, cut and polish the expansion joint into a V-shaped mouth, the interior is filled with foam strips and filled with professional caulking glue.
5. After the overall leveling, the surface must be professionally waterproofed.



Installation 2

What sports equipment should be equipped for a 400m standard track and field field:

1.Long jump and trip jump

Long jump and trip jump

Pole Vault

Pole Vault

metal circle for Hammer

Metal circle for Hammer

Set of Achors for IAAF Approvedthrowing cage

Set of Achors for IAAF Approvedthrowing cage

5.Aluminium detachable kerb(1)

Aluminium detachable kerb

so on

And so on.