Professional WA.Certificate Prefabricated Rubber Running Track

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The prefabricated rubber athletic track surfaces are globally recognized to be the replacement of the traditional PU(polyurethane) ones. The one-time embossing workmanship makes the perfect quality and advantage of strong wear-resistance, anti-slippery, shocking absorbent, excellent elasticity, anti- aging, and long-lasting durability. And further, they do not have the problems of the rubber granules coming off the surfaces. The surfaces could be recycled after their lifespan. They have passed the tests made by IAAF to be completely environment-protected products. We are providing better and more comfortable sports surroundings for the players. The main material that we are using is natural rubber and the track surfaces are made into two layers. The upper layer is a bit harder than that of the lower and the waffle pattern forms 8400 can cave air cushions per square meter after it is glued onto the asphalt basement, thus further enhancing its anti-slippery, elasticity, and shocking absorbent, making it less harmful for the players.

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Our running track has better performance on Aging resistance and shock absorption because we choose better material and advanced technology. In the design process of the product, the biomechanical needs of the athletes have been fully considered: The three- dimensional net-like internal structure makes the runway have excellent elasticity, strength, toughness, and shock absorption effect and effectively reduces the athlete's muscle fatigue and micro-injury.




Specifications Size
Length 19 meter
Width 1.22-1.27 meter
Thickness 8 mm - 20 mm
Color: Please refer to the color card. Specialcolor also negotiable.




The lower layer is designed as a honeycomb structure, which maximizes the degree of anchoring and compaction between the track material and the base surface while transmitting the rebound force generated at the moment of impact to the athletes, thereby effectively reducing the impact received during exercise, and This is transformed into forwarding kinetic energy, which improves the athlete's experience and performance.


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