Superstar Series SUPER THREE STARS | Precision Strike: NWT’s Elite Ping Pong Paddle

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Elevate your table tennis game with Novotrack’s Ping Pong Paddle Sets. Our meticulously crafted paddles are designed for precision and power, making them the ideal choice for players of all skill levels. The sets include everything you need for an immersive ping pong experience. Novotrack’s Table Tennis Paddle Sets provide superior spin, control, and speed, enhancing your gameplay and ensuring an enjoyable time on the table. Explore our ping pong buying guides to find the perfect set that caters to your playing style. Unleash the champion in you with Novotrack!


Series Superstar Series
Handle Type CS FL
Forehand FASTER
Backhand 729
Bottom Board 7 PLY
Description Pure wood base paired with high-adhesive rubber, delivering a crisp sound, lightweight agility, and outstanding spin performance.

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Table Tennis Paddle Sets 4
Table Tennis Paddle Sets 6


1.Five-Layer All-Wood

7-layer all-wooden bottom structure provides ample power, paired with a high-elasticity 2.2mm thick sponge

2.All-Round Rubber Surface

Both sides feature 729 Friendship rubber for powerful quick attacks, suitable for all-around play

3.Non-Slip Grip

Precision surface polishing for enhanced grip, clear touch, and comfortable handling

4.Star Rating Emblem

Handle bottom displays star rating, highlighting quality and showcasing a distinguished texture.

5.Scratch Code Anti-Counterfeit

Scratch-off layer for authenticity verification. Check product legitimacy via official WeChat or phone.

Difference between forehand and backhand strokes:

Mastering the game of table tennis hinges on understanding the nuances between forehand and backhand strokes. The forehand, with its simple and direct approach, suits beginners, offering quick and forceful shots. Its short handle allows for agile movements, making it ideal for those new to the sport.

In contrast, the backhand, executed with the non-dominant arm on the racket's back side, poses a greater challenge. Suited for players with a foundation in table tennis, the longer handle facilitates a more intricate defensive game while excelling in offense.

These strokes not only define a player's technique but also shape their overall strategy on the table. Whether opting for the direct power of the forehand or embracing the nuanced challenges of the backhand, players navigate the complexities of table tennis, crafting their unique style and strategy.


Level up your table tennis game with NWT's Ping Pong Paddle Sets. Our meticulously crafted Table Tennis Paddle Sets cater to players of all levels, offering superior craftsmanship, enhanced spin, and precise control. Explore the NWT experience through our comprehensive pingpong buying guides, ensuring you find the perfect set tailored to your playing style. From casual matches to competitive play, NWT sets the standard for excellence in every rally. Unleash your potential with NWT – where innovation meets precision.
Elevate your table tennis experience with NWT's Ping Pong Paddle Sets. Our expertly crafted Table Tennis Paddle Sets are designed for players of all skill levels, providing unparalleled quality and performance. Explore our extensive pingpong buying guides to discover the perfect set tailored to your playing style. NWT ensures that every paddle in our sets meets the highest standards, offering enhanced spin, control, and durability. Dominate the table with confidence and precision. Choose NWT for the ultimate Ping Pong Paddle Sets that deliver unmatched performance and elevate your game to new heights.

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