Bloom Series 2040 | Mastering Precision: Redefine Excellence with Cutting-Edge Ping Pong Paddles

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Elevate your game with the Bloom Series 2040, where precision meets perfection. Redefine excellence on the table with these cutting-edge ping pong paddles. Master every shot with unparalleled precision and experience the pinnacle of performance. Unveil a new era of play and dominate the competition with the Bloom Series 2040 – your key to mastering the art of table tennis.


Series Bloom Series
Product Name Bloom 2040
Handle Type CS FL
Forehand Bloom Spin
Backhand 729
Bottom Board 7 PLY
Description The forehand is upgraded to bloom Spin and the loop is increased. Suitable for loop type players.

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1. Bloom Spin Upgrade: The Bloom Series 2040 takes your forehand game to the next level with an exclusive upgrade to Bloom Spin technology. Experience enhanced spin capabilities, allowing for sharper and more effective shots.

2. Increased Loop Performance: Elevate your loop game with the Bloom Series 2040. The paddle is designed to increase loop performance, providing players with greater control and versatility during strategic plays.

3. Precision Engineering: Crafted with cutting-edge precision engineering, these ping pong paddles offer unmatched accuracy. Every stroke is optimized to meet the demands of competitive play, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance.

4. Tailored for Loop Players: The Bloom Series 2040 is specifically designed for loop-type players who thrive on dynamic and strategic gameplay. Enjoy a paddle that complements your playing style, delivering the precision and power needed for successful loops.

5. Cutting-Edge Technology: Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology in table tennis. The Bloom Series 2040 integrates innovative features that redefine excellence, setting a new standard for professional ping pong paddles.

6. Masterful Control: Achieve masterful control over your shots, thanks to the advanced features of the Bloom Series 2040. Whether you're executing spins, loops, or powerful smashes, this paddle empowers you to command the table with precision and finesse.


table tennis application


Racket type: Straight/horizontal
Handle type: CS/FL
Bottom type: 7 layers
Front glove glue: High quality reverse glue
Anti-glove glue: High-quality anti-glue
Product configuration: 1 finished shot, 1 half shot set
Suitable style of play: All-round


Advanced Carbon Fiber Ping Pong Paddle
Ping Pong Paddle for Offensive Play


Introducing the Bloom 2040 from our acclaimed Bloom Series, a pinnacle of table tennis excellence. With handle options in CS and FL, this paddle is meticulously designed for players seeking a superior gaming experience.

The Bloom 2040 features an upgraded forehand with the revolutionary Bloom Spin technology, elevating your game with enhanced spin capabilities. Experience an increased loop performance, offering loop-type players the perfect tool to master their craft.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the paddle boasts a 7-PLY bottom board for optimal strength and durability. The backhand is equipped with the reliable 729 rubber, ensuring consistent control and spin during intense rallies.

Tailored for loop enthusiasts, the Bloom 2040 is a testament to cutting-edge design and advanced technology in table tennis. Redefine your playing style, command the table with masterful control, and unleash the power of the Bloom 2040 – where excellence meets innovation.

Explore our wholesale pricing options and experience the Bloom 2040's superior performance in every match. Elevate your game with keywords like Ping Pong, Table Tennis, Table Tennis Paddle, and Wholesale Price, making the Bloom 2040 your go-to choice for professional-level play.

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