Professional Track and Field Aluminium Starting Block in China

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The technical indicators of this product fully comply with the requirements of the rules of the International Athletic Federation, and are suitable for training and competition in any occasion. The product has passed the product certification of the International Athletics Federation.

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【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】Can be used for plastic and cinder runway. There are two kinds of nails, Features built in set spikes, and there are nails specially used for cinder track, which is convenient for different runways.
【UNIQUE DESIGN】A handle on the top of the product,which is easy to carry. There is a scale inside the guide rail, which is convenient for you to find the angle that fit you best.
【ADJUSTABLE AND STABLE】Professional aluminum alloy starting block with thick rubber pads. Features with threaded channels, pedal angles can be easily adjusted.【SIX TRACK】Rubber pedals will lock in place once adjusted. The rubber pedals have six holes, according to your height to work out the perfect angle for you. With the function of adjustable channel length, the pedal angle can be easily adjusted. Rubber pedals will lock in place once adjusted. Every pedal owns six track spikes and necessary hardwares are included.
【APPLICATION】An apparatus for bracing a runner's feet at the start of a race in track and field.
【GOOD QUALITY】With its solid construction and good quality, you can trust on it for a good start in races and make better progress.


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1. Main material: aluminum alloy;
2. Adjustment range of the foot plate:
Distance adjustment: 0-55cm
Angle adjustment: 45 degrees - 80 degrees, divided into 5 gears
3. The distance between the centers of the two feet in the horizontal direction: 20cm.
4. The main body has a total length of 90cm and a width of 42cm.


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1. The main frame of the starting block is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles;
2. The foot plate is made of aluminum alloy precision casting, and the inclination angle of the foot plate can be adjusted, from 45 degrees to 80 degrees, divided into 5 gears;
3. The surface of the toe plate is concave, and two layers of processed rubber plates are bonded to the surface to accommodate the athlete's spikes;
4. The relative position of the two feet can be adjusted forward and backward;
5. The bottom of the main board of the starting block is equipped with nails for fixing on the runway to ensure that the starting block will not move during use and remain stable, and the nails will not damage the runway.


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