High Quality PQ8000 Volleyball Sandy Beach Soft Touch Volleyball

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The surface of this beach volleyball is made of high-quality PU, all of which are covered by skilled workers, purely handcrafted, and tested 3 times before leaving the factory, making the volleyball more durable and not easy to fall off even after frequent use. Carefully selected materials significantly increase the flight arc of the beach volleyball, enhancing the control of this beach volleyball and helping you win volleyball matches. High-quality rubber liner is used to improve the softness and airtightness of outdoor and indoor volleyball. The uniquely constructed valve prevents air leakage. The lightweight standard size volleyball weighing about 9.5oz is very suitable for teenagers, middle-aged and elderly people to learn, train and compete.

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-Durability: Unique color scheme and graphics make it easier for players to detect the spin of the ball. Premium PU Material,18-panel sewing construction,Performance Elastomer Bladder, make it a fun way to stay active, offering a nice bounce and control during outdoor play.
-Soft: Attributed to the proper surface and inner, it gets a quite nice grip feel.Good bounce to it and the soft cover slows digs down for better control. The soft volleyball design ensures players, Especially beginners, can enjoy the game without worrying about getting hurt,when there is a direct hit.
-All-Age Volleyball with Training Equipment: It's a fantastic volleyball gift choice for teens of all ages and skill levels, no matter first timer volleyball players, Boy and Girls' High School Volleyball Players, men and women' college、Competitive Volleyball Players.


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Circumferential size 650mm-670mm



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