PVC Flooring for Basketball Court

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The rubber floor of the basketball court is made of PVC material, providing a durable and safe surface for players. The PVC floor has a unique wood texture, giving the basketball court a natural and aesthetic appeal.


One advantage of the PVC floor is its exceptional durability, making it able to withstand long hours of intense basketball games and training sessions. With players constantly running, jumping, and exerting impact on the floor, the PVC material remains resilient, showing minimal signs of wear and tear.


The wood texture of the rubber floor adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the basketball court. Not only does it offer a soft and comfortable feel underfoot, but it also creates a visual ambiance of natural wood grain. This design choice enhances the overall appeal of the court, providing players with a warm and inviting atmosphere.


In addition to its durability and aesthetic appeal, the rubber floor also boasts excellent slip resistance. This feature is crucial in basketball, where quick movements, turns, and changes in direction are frequent. The rubber surface minimizes the risk of slipping and falling, ensuring a safer and more stable playing environment.


Overall, the PVC rubber floor is an ideal choice for basketball courts. Its use of PVC material guarantees durability, while the wood texture adds a touch of natural beauty. The slip-resistant nature of the rubber floor ensures the safety of players. With its combination of durability, aesthetics, and safety, the PVC rubber floor is the perfect surface for players of all levels to showcase their basketball skills and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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Wood texture sports PVC floor is specialy used in basketball professional matchs.

Specially added PVC transparent layer and maple texture printing layer, is a high-end composite process products .

The stable layer of the product adopts glass fiber non-woven fabric, which can effectively prevent the floor from shrinking and prolong the service life of the floor.

The wear-resisting layer adopts 100% pure PVC high quality raw material, which essentially guarantees the stability of the product's performance parameters.We didn't add too much calcium powder to reduce the purity of wear-resistant layer PVC.The wear resistance of the product is maintained at the best level.

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Standard basketball court: 649.44

Quantity Required: 18 rolls

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