NOVOTRACK Showcases Innovative Prefabricated Rubber Flooring at FSB-Cologne 23 Exhibition


Attending the FSB-Cologne 23 exhibition has been an exceptional journey for our team. It has provided us with valuable insights into the latest trends in prefabricated rubber track surfacing and flooring. This event has allowed us to establish connections with industry peers and build new networks.

We are thrilled about integrating these innovations into NOVOTRACK's prefabricated rubber court flooring products.


The FSB-Cologne 23 exhibition concluded recently, attracting industry professionals and manufacturers from around the globe, showcasing the latest technologies and products. NOVOTRACK, as an active participant in this year's exhibition, presented its latest innovative products and engaged in in-depth discussions with industry experts from different parts of the world.

During the exhibition, members of the NOVOTRACK team showcased their profound expertise and unique innovative concepts in the field of prefabricated rubber track surfacing and flooring. They engaged in insightful discussions and exchanges with counterparts from various countries, delving into industry challenges and opportunities.

The CEO of NOVOTRACK expressed that participating in FSB-Cologne 23 has been a valuable experience, not only benefiting from interactions with leading industry experts but also gaining a clearer understanding of future development directions. They plan to leverage the valuable insights gained from the exhibition to further enhance their product's technological advancements and market competitiveness.

This exhibition experience marks an important milestone for NOVOTRACK, signifying an elevation in their industry position and influence. NOVOTRACK has stated that they will continue to invest more in research and development, channeling efforts into innovation, and delivering more advanced and high-quality products and services to their customers.

Post time: Nov-02-2023