Advantages of prefabricated rubber tracks: durability, safety and performance

I believe many individuals may encounter such confusion. In the current prevalent use of plastic tracks, the drawbacks of plastic tracks have gradually become more prominent, and prefabricated rubber tracks have also started to gain attention. Prefabricated rubber tracks are a type of track surface material primarily composed of rubber. Due to its exceptional characteristics, it is currently utilized in sports venues.

Prefabricated Rubber Running Track red

The construction process distinguishes prefabricated rubber tracks from traditional plastic ones. Traditional plastic tracks require layer-by-layer installation, whereas prefabricated rubber tracks are pre-made in factories and can be directly installed on the ground.

Prefabricated rubber tracks generally consist of two layers based on their functions. The upper layer is a colored composite rubber that exhibits long-term resistance against ultraviolet light and various weather conditions. The design with concave-convex patterns provides excellent anti-slip, anti-spiking, anti-wear, and anti-reflection properties for the prefabricated rubber track.


The lower layer consists of gray composite rubber with a concave-convex patterned bottom surface design. This design maximizes anchorage density between the runway material and base surface while transmitting air-closed hole-generated elastic force to athletes upon impact momentaneously. As a result, the prefabricated rubber track effectively reduces impacts experienced by sports participants during exercise.

During product design processes for prefab plastic tracks, biomechanical needs of athletes are fully considered: three-dimensional network internal structure endows prefab plastic tracks with outstanding elasticity, strength, toughness as well as shock absorption effects which effectively alleviate muscle fatigue and micro-damage experienced by athletes.

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Compared with the traditional plastic track, the prefabricated rubber track does not contain rubber particles, so there is no threshing, which is very suitable for frequent use. Good damping effect, excellent rebound performance, good adhesion, strong resistance to spikes. Non-slip, wear resistance is good, even in rainy days the performance is not affected. With extraordinary anti-aging, anti-UV ability, color lasting stability, no reflected light, no glare. Prefabricated, easy to install, all-weather use, easy maintenance, long service life.

Post time: Oct-27-2023